$0.00 Sexology The purpose of sex is that it should be fun. If  there are problems or complaints involved, it can be very enlightening to discreetly talk about this with a professional. Sexual problems can be: - No or diminished sexual desire, - Difference in sexual desire, - Not experiencing (sufficient) arousal (physically or/and mentally), - Pain during sex, vaginismus or fear for intercourse, - Too fast, too slow or not reaching orgasm, - Dissatisfaction with regard to your sexual relationship, - Questions with regard to sexual oriëntation (gay or bisexuality), - Questions about genderidentity. Often when there is a problem with sexuality, it is important to look for the message that is hidden behind the complaint. In many cases  a better commmunication between partners, about what pleases  and displeases them, is the key to the solution of the problem. Most people feel vulnerable about one thing or another. Even more so when sex is involved. How can you and your partner get a better understanding of each other and feel better connected sexually? How can you express your wishes and limits to your partner? Are you looking for security or do you want to experiment? For these and many other questions regarding sexuality you are welcome in my practice, both individually or with your partner.   ©Egiweb-Productions 2020 Privacy Policy