$0.00 Couple and family therapy Ideally in a relationship you want to feel supported, respected and heard by your partner. Unfortunately it happens that somewhere along the line, couples drift apart and start questioning whether it is worth continuing. Couple therapy can be a means to renew a relationship. Together we will research the strong and weak points in your relationship. During therapy we will try to determine a different way of communicating with each other. Sometimes we need to address conflicts from the past and sometimes it is about understanding that certain behaviour can be explained from underlying feelings, thoughts, needs and motivations. It is important to look back to the start of your relationship and to each of your personal stories. What did you learn during childhood and what did you miss? Often, on a subconscious level you are hoping that your partner will fill in that gap. By exploring this, you and your partner may come to a better understanding of why you act the way you do, and maybe find a better way. If there are problems within the family it can  be helpful to take a look at the situation with the help of an outsider. Not only with children but also with parents, in-laws or other members of the family. As a couple and family therapist I don't just work verbally, but also with non-verbal techniques.   ©Egiweb-Productions 2020 Privacy Policy