Due to an extreme amount of applications, a waiting list of – four – months is currently in effect.

“Sex is meant to be pleasurable.

If that is not the case,

it can be helpful to talk about it with a professional

in a discrete setting.”

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I can help you with sexual problems like:

  • Lack of sexual desire
  • You differ in sexual desire in your relationship
  • Difficulties to get aroused physically as well mentally
  • Pain during sex, vaginism, or fear of sex.
  • Premature ejaculation. • Problems to get an orgasm. • Being unsatisfied about your sexual relationship.
  • Questions about your sexual orientation (homo-/bisexual).
  • Questions about your gender identity (transgender, gender dysphoria), also for partners and family involved.
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Not every person feels secure about every aspect of their life and specifically with regard to sex and intimacy one can be extra vulnerable.
How can you and your partner get to a better understanding of each other and find a satisfactory connection sexually? What is the best way to express your wishes and boundaries to your partner? Are you looking for safe and secure or do you want to experiment? For these and many other sexual questions you can contact me alone or together.

Sexology Reimbursements

Sexology is sometimes covered in the most extensive packages of insurance companies VGZ, Zorg en Zekerheid, Zorgdirect, UMC and Salland, mostly this is 4x 60 euro per session. I advise everybody to contact your insurance companies to ask for this possibility for reimbursement of sexologists registered by the NVVS. I recommend to do this by email so that you have proof of their confirmation. For this reimbursement I do need a referral of your practitioner