Due to an extreme amount of applications, a waiting list of – four – months is currently in effect.

“If you are in a relationship you want to enjoy each other’s company.
You want to feel supported, respected en attached.”

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Unfortunately, it happens too often that couples are growing apart and start to doubt if they should continue their relationship. One of the reasons this can happen, is because you have ended up in a continuing pattern of rows en arguments and are unable stop this. Couple therapy can be helpful in gaining a better understanding of the problems and how they evolved. Together we will explore the strength and weaknesses in your relationship. You will learn to communicate better together.

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In therapy, we work on communicating with each other in a different way. Sometimes old wounds need attention first. Sometimes it is more about a better understanding of you own behavior and that of your partner which can result from underlying emotions, assumptions, needs and motivations. By exploring this you can find a better understanding of why you respond to each other the way you do. And then you will be able to change this. Finally, our aim is that you feel more attached, loved, and safe in your relationship. That you are able to better share your emotions and your needs with your partner.
You can also contact me for family problems. I am not only thinking of the children, but also of (in-law) parents, other family members or other loved ones. One of the methods I use is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), known from the well-known book “Hold me tight” from Sue Johnson. Or from the book “Relaties, hoe doe je dat?” By Karin Wagenaar (not available in english).

After you have contacted me, I will get in touch with you by phone for a short screening. Before the intake I will email you a questionnaire which you must return to me before the first session. This helps me to prepare the first session so we can start the treatment as soon as possible. At the end of the intake we decide on a personal plan of approach. Treatment takes usually 2 to 8 sessions. A single session can also be an option.

About health insurances
Since 2013 Dutch insurance companies don’t reimburse couple therapy anymore. Since 2014 the same happened to sexology. There is a way to get it partly reimbursed, so please continue reading.
Both the NVRG (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Relatie- en Gezinstherapie) and the NVVS (Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Seksuologie) are working on a complete reimbursement by the insurance companies.
For the time being you can get the treatment partly reimbursed if you have an additional insurance because as a therapist, I am associated to the NVPA (Nederlands Vereniging voor Psychologen en Agogen)

I have no affiliation with insurance companies, which means:

  • Complete privacy. Insurance companies have no access to any data or information.
  • You do not need a referral.
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De kosten voor de intake en de gesprekken zijn als volgt:





Intake 60 minuten € 110
Individuele gesprekken 50 minuten € 100
Intake Relatietherapie 75 minuten € 150
Relatietherapie 75 minuten € 140
Relatietherapie (om 20:00) 75 minuten € 150


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  • If you have additional insurance, it is possible from 1 January 2013 to have the therapy reimbursed. This may even be financially advantageous than if the reimbursement comes from the basic package, since you do not first pay your deductible if you use the additional insurance. Depending on your health insurance, part of the costs can be reimbursed. Often from the budget for reimbursement of psychosocial therapy, which with some insurers falls under alternative or complementary care. Sexology is sometimes covered in the most extensive packages of insurance companies VGZ, Zorg en Zekerheid, Zorgdirect, UMC and Salland, mostly this is 4x 60 euro per session. I advise everybody to contact your insurance companies to ask for this possibility for reimbursement of sexologists registered by the NVVS. I recommend to do this by email so that you have proof of their confirmation. For this reimbursement I do need a referral of your practitioner